i2i Hybrid Solar & Wind Engines Are you ready for a revolutionary energy generator?


Founded in 2019, our company is located in Turin (Italy). Our team is composed of five members: PhD/MBA experienced R&D engineer and manager, young energy engineer, experienced renewable energy consultant and an electro-mechanical technician.

We are now preparing for the realization of the first full scale patented prototypes with the objective to validate our solution and begin the commercialization of our small generators during 2022. Then, by the end of 2023, we plan to start the development of the first big power plant.

Impulse-To-Innovation has just won a regional pubblic funding and will open an operative site in Aosta Valley by September 2021.

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We propose a new type of hybrid solar and wind machines for high efficiency energy generation and removal of atmospheric Greenhouse Gas (GHG) in urban areas. Our system makes a smart integration of wind and solar energy sources better than any other solution available today. It integrates a wind turbine and photovoltaic panels into a new kind of machine which, taking the shape of a solar updraft tower, generates an internal convective air flux able to feed the vertical axis wind turbine and cool down the photovoltaic panels. Moreover, in order to maximize the internal air flux, mirrors concentrate solar radiation toward photovoltaic greenhouse and air intakes deflect ground winds inside collector.

With our innovation we assure the increase in the total energy production by at least 25%, making one more step toward the real market parity of actual renewable energy plants, and we provide a substantial reduction of the generator’s size for a given energy production rate, reducing costs, land use and visual impact. Our system will also provide a protected space for urban integration of air depurators that usually are able to collect a sufficient air-flux and reach nominal capabilities only under favorable external environmental conditions.

The intention is to implement a grid of small power generators able also to depurate the air of our cities.


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